How To Be A Great Client

by Holland-Mark | November 19, 2009

advertising skepticIn the long run, clients get the work they deserve from their agency. But over the long run, agencies get the clients they deserve from their work.

Among the implications, is that to do great work, you need great clients.

So what makes a great client? Here’s my list of client attributes that help me to do my best work…

  1. A single decision-maker, empowered with final decision-making authority
  2. A personal relationship, with trust and respect in both directions
  3. A focus on clear articulation of the problem and/or business objective
  4. The courage to face the truth and deal with it
  5. Crisp and direct feedback, whether positive or negative
  6. On-time payment
  7. The sincere belief that marketing is important
  8. A personal experience where great marketing changed the game
  9. A sense of humor
  10. High standards and expectations

What’s on your list?

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