Hello Health versus Health Care Reform

by colbert | October 30, 2009

David Gianatasio of Adweek asked me today why Holland-Mark’s winning the Hello Health account was so important (other than getting a new piece of business).

I responded by saying that it put us at the epicenter of one of the most important and complex challenges of our time, and at the wheel of a brand and technology that really has the ability to make a tangible difference in the lives of primary care doctors and all of us who need them. In contrast to the obtuse, conflicting, and partisan-driven proposals around health care reform, I can actually see how the Hello Health platform will work to enable a better quality of care at a lower cost. It will significantly reduce paperwork, increase doctor access by patients, eliminate the chasing of insurer payments (which currently takes up to 40% of a primary care practice’s time), and fundamentally free the doctors to do what they do best: care for their patients. It is perhaps most revolutionary in its focus and simplicity, which underscores Holland-Mark’s core belief that if human beings can’t easily understand something, how can they engage with and derive value from it?

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