Domino’s Steps Toward the Truth

by Holland-Mark | January 4, 2010

When users are empowered to drown out your marketing messages, the nature of marketing changes. It needs to become “Marketing,” with a capital “M,” and bring more to the table than a tagline. As I said in my last post, where once you could focus on driving the product reality by shaping market perception, now you must also gather market perception to shape the product reality.

As if on cue, I came across a brand embracing this ethos in a very visible way.

If you want to understand why Holland-Mark is so committed to having a real impact on what our clients sell, and not just how they sell it, look no further than the changes underway at Domino’s Pizza…

Good for you, Domino’s.

So have you tried the new ‘za? What’s your take?

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