World Energy Content Hub Launches

by Holland-Mark | February 17, 2011

Today we launched our latest content hub, for World Energy. It’s the tip of a marketing strategy iceberg that’s kind of a neat case study.

6 months ago World Energy was a victim of it’s own success. They’d come to dominate the market for auction-based procurement, enabling companies to buy energy the way consumers buy loans on And to coin a phrase, “When energy suppliers compete, you win…”

Problem was that as the energy business became more complex, more diversified energy management companies started to paint World Energy as a one-trick pony. Drat.

Enter Holland-Mark. We helped them shift from a product-focused marketing model powered by insight, to an insight-focused marketing model enabled by products. We drove a dialog that created some raw but substantive intellectual property, and polished it into the “7 Levers of Energy Management.” From there we worked shoulder-to-shoulder with consulting team members inside the company to develop an online calculator that prospects could use to quantify their energy management upside, and tied it all together with a shiny new sales deck and the web site you see here.

The dynamic core of that site is a library of Resources focused on helping businesses understand how World Energy’s comprehensive approach to energy management can help them. And as always we made sure people can consume that content in the context of their choosing, via Twitter, LinkedIn, or RSS.

Behind the scenes is a listening station cued into the most influential voices in the energy business, Pardot’s lead management automation platform, and to manage the workflow of leads through the inside and outside sales teams. Boom.

This one has been a real collaboration from day one, and I’ll be the first to say that Shellie, Dan, Melissa, and Phil are as responsible for this transformation as we are. But we’re happy to have been a part of the team that made it happen, and look forward to stretching the legs on this bad boy to see how it runs…