notch brewing

We've worked with Notch since their inception in 2010 and if there's a picture, slogan, graphic, logo, can design, or idea associated with the brand it's likely we've had something to do with it. And if you like beer and you'd like to work with us, we find the Notch Brewery, Tap Room & Biergarten up in Salem to be a great spot for regular "business" meetings.

trove data

Our work with TROVE started with brand building and a new website and has led to a marketing program that includes monthly content creation, PR, analyst relations, social media management and email marketing. But if you were a client of TROVE's - a predictive data science company - you would have already known that!

john i. haas

As the craft beer industry has exploded the demand for hops has as well. John I. Haas found themselves with an ever-growing customer list and and even greater number of prospects all over the world. Building the Haas brand and their first-ever website were immediate needs in order for brewers to get to know Haas and what they have to offer. Our program with Haas includes content creation (brewer resources and informative articles), advertising, email marketing, and design and project management for two of Haas's largest annual events - the Craft Brewer's Conference and the hop harvest season in Yakima, WA.


Our relationship with IHRSA (the international trade association for the health and fitness industry) goes back at least 20 years, and while we still work with them month-to-month on the design and production of their magazine, Club Business International (CBI), our scope of work now includes a healthy dose of digital advertising to grow awareness across every niche of the fitness industry.

mary christie foundation

In 2015 we worked with one of MCF's affiliated businesses and it was through that relationship that we had the good fortune to help MCF with their initial brand building, design collateral and web development. As a thought leadership and philanthropic organization dedicated to the health and wellness of teens and young adults it's been easy to be part of their team.

Harvard Business Publishing Corporate Learning

A friendly referral led us to Harvard Business Publishing Corporate Learning where we embarked on a brand messaging project that led to sales collateral and an ongoing digital advertising campaign. Today we help promote the brand and specific products with an annual media plan and ad creative that drives both awareness and sales leads.

Bedrock Automation

Bedrock Automation is the maker of the world's most powerful and cyber secure automation platform. Launched just a few years ago they are challenging and disrupting companies with 100-year legacies. Holland-Mark supports Bedrock in all of its marketing initiatives including web design and development, email marketing, and targeted b-to-b digital advertising.

Kimball Farm

Kimball Farm has been serving its legendary ice cream for 80 years and their family business has grown to 4 locations. When we began working with Kimball's in Fall of 2018 they'd only dabbled in digital advertising. Today we're running targeted online campaigns on multiple ad platforms to drive awareness and visits. We redesigned and built their new website, which is experiencing a substantial increase in year-over-year traffic — much of which is attributable to paid advertising. And 2019 was the busiest opening day as far back as anyone can remember! Kimball Farm is all about "classic summer fun" and it's definitely a fun one for us.


After more than a dozen successful years in business, Sakon was ready to rebrand themselves and launch their new platform for network transformation. Beyond a wholly new visual identity and messaging platform we work day-in and day-out with Sakon to drive awareness among their Fortune 2000 target audience. Sakon's program includes content creation, PR and analyst relations, digital advertising, and in- and outbound marketing.

reading cooperative bank

Holland-Mark began work with Reading Cooperative Bank (RCB) in 2014 on their first re-branding effort in decades. Upon completion, and with RCB situated in a beautiful new corporate office in Reading, MA, we turned our attention to advertising. Today Holland-Mark provides RCB with an advertising program that includes media planning, media buying, plan implementation and advertising creative.