Who you calling small?

by Holland-Mark | June 12, 2010

I’ve had the honor of working at some of the best agencies in the world: McCann-Erickson, FCB, and Ogilvy & Mather. I worked for creative genius George Lois, and financial genius Sir Martin Sorrell. I worked with Tom Cunniff – who for my money brought branding to the Internet; and with Steve Hayden, whom I believe created the greatest ad of all time. I was a general agency guy, then a direct guy, then an interactive guy, then a mobile guy, then a social guy.

Now I’m just a marketing guy. On good days I get to work with Chris Colbert, who’s in the same league as those other titans. I love my job.

And I can tell you – without reservation – that the level of thinking this place delivers is as good or better than anything I’ve been a part of before.

If you’re looking for someone small enough to care, but big enough to trust, give us a call. And get a taste of the big time.

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