Sun, sand and kids who love to learn

by Renee Bolz | March 12, 2015

When we first started working with The Bishop’s School in La Jolla, CA several years ago, we were struck by how unique the place really is. Bishop’s is an independent school for 6th-12th graders with a really rigorous academic program, and a student body filled with kids who are truly passionate about learning. There are athletes being recruited by Ivy League colleges, middle schoolers inspiring the school to create specialized programs, and 14-year olds establishing non-profit organizations. It’s amazing to hear about what these kids are doing! But one of the things that makes Bishop’s most special is how “normal” these uber-smart kids are. They’re thoughtful, curious and kind. They’re civically-minded and multi-dimensional. And they like to have fun with their friends, just like everyone else.

Today Bishop’s is mailing out their acceptance letters for next fall, and they’ll be directing kids to check out the new video we just created – which gets at the heart of what makes Bishop’s kids tick. I’m sure there are a few hundred kids in La Jolla anxious to see if they’ve gotten in. And I hope when they see the new video, it will inspire them to sign up to be part of the incredible Bishop’s community!