See “Sleep No More”

by Holland-Mark | October 14, 2009

Ben went to this last night and was completely blown away: “Sleep No More” by A.R.T. & Punchdrunk—

“It is completely immersive (as in, you walk THROUGH the play, with the action taking place all around you), tickets are cheaper than other plays, and the experience will haunt your dreams (that’s a good thing, in this case). Oh yeah, and the ‘stage’ in this play is an abandoned school in Brookline (all four floors of it, which you can roam to your heart’s content).

This is the greatest, most ambitious piece of theater I’ve seen in a long long time (right up there with anything De La Guarda has ever produced). If you have a free evening, definitely scrounge up $40 and get yourself a ticket.”

Check it out.

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