Is Prezi a PowerPoint Killer?

by Holland-Mark | November 29, 2010

For some years now, I’ve had a love/hate relationship with PowerPoint.

On the “love” side, I am a PowerUser. I know every nook and cranny of that app, to the point where people at the agency come to me when they need tech support (a mixed blessing indeed). But the fact that I’ve used most of these features at one point or another means they have value.

On the “hate” side, I find that the app itself seems to encourage exactly the kind of presentations no one likes to sit through. Slide after slide of drivel, beating the audience into submission by firing bullets like a Tommy gun in a ’30s mob movie.

I tell people to tell stories with their decks, and that’s what I try to do myself.

I recently came across Prezi, which seems to encourage exactly that kind of behavior. Here’s a Prezi version of the PowerPoint deck I’ll be using for my Scalable Intimacy talk tomorrow. Just click the arrow to walk through it as I would:

What do you think? Is it more engaging, more effective, or even more cool? Is it a medium that enhances the message, or a gimmick that gets in the way?

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