How important are influencers?

by Holland-Mark | April 19, 2011

I helped ponder that very question today as part of a roundtable teleconference with Michael Dortch, Chris Selland, Jonathan Yarmis, and Joe Chernov. Topics include:

  1. How do you define ‘influence’ and ‘influencers’? Can influence really be measured?
  2. How much time, attention and money should companies spend relative to marketing to influencers?
  3. What are the specific tactics companies can use to reach influencers?
  4. Which tactics used to influence customers, partners and prospects should (and/or should NOT) be used to influence influencers? Where do Influencer and Social strategies intersect – and where do they diverge?
  5. Tell us about some success stories – and some failures.

Here’s a recording, you can grab the podcast at the link.

Focus Marketing Roundtable: Influencer Marketing – The Key To Social ROI? by miketrap

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