Holland-Mark to Launch Hello Health

by colbert | October 29, 2009

Primary Care Practice Model to Revolutionize Industry

Boston, MA (October, 2009) — Holland-Mark has been selected by Myca Health of Canada to launch Hello Health, a revolutionary new primary care practice model in the United States. Hello Health is a primary care application of Myca’s proprietary MycaHub™ technology, a fully integrated, highly customizable Web-based platform that simplifies and streamlines the engagement between health care providers and patients.

“Given the fervor about health care reform, and the crying need among primary care doctors and their patients for a better model, the timing of the Hello Health launch couldn’t be more significant,” said Chris Colbert, Holland-Mark’s CEO. “Hello Health combines a direct-pay model with innovative applications and communication tools that enhance relationships with patients and liberate doctors from piles of paperwork and systemic bureaucracy, giving them the time to do what they do best—care for their patients.”

The Hello Health market launch is slated for early January 2010 and will include a full mix of offline and online media to reach both primary care doctors and their patients. “We selected Holland-Mark because we needed a marketing partner that could be a sound strategic guide on how best to navigate the ever-changing U.S. health care landscape while also delivering a campaign that will both educate and engage doctors and consumers about the freedom that our platform offers,” said Nat Findlay, the CEO of Myca Health.

Using MycaHub technology, a Hello Health empowered practice integrates an electronic medical record, a comprehensive administrative system with integral scheduling and diagnostic tools, and the ability for doctors to communicate with their patients and each other through multiple channels, from email and instant messaging to video. Hello Health primary care doctors will have access to a nationwide Hello Health practitioner community, offline and online training via Hello Health University, and the potential to tap into the Start! Fund, Myca’s innovative interest-free financing resource for start-up practices or those transitioning to the Hello Health business model.

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Myca Health is the power behind a revolution in health care. Its Web-based technology, MycaHub, is being adopted by customers of all types, from small primary care practices to large hospital systems and insurers, transforming the health care experience for providers and patients. Privately held, Myca Health is based in Quebec City and is led by a world-class team of doctors, technologists, and managers with deep experience across the American health care industry.


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