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by Rob Waldeck | May 20, 2011

We’re seeking an account manager to join our client services team. The position is for a successful project manager with up to 10 years experience and serious social media chops.  The details follow or apply now here. If this isn’t for you please pass it along to folks that might be interested. Thanks!

Account Manager

To create and maintain profitable relationships with clients who would actively recommend us, through pro-active and efficient project management.

• Ensure project costs remain aligned with estimated budget
• Coordinate teams and resources to meet project milestone deadlines
• Communicate project scope changes and their impact on project budget
• Maintain client satisfaction by exceeding expectations by delivering projects on-time and on-budget

• Be the most knowledgeable person at the company about what is happening in the larger context of your client’s business.
• Align the interests of the client and the company to the full extent possible.
• Create a context in which other departments can do their best work. Be truthful and transparent at all times.
• Manage projects and client relationships in such a way that delivers on your contribution targets.
• Add value to your client’s business and help grow the accounts you manage with ideas and execution.
• Manage the flow of work through the company. Get buy-in on tasks and plans at the start of projects.
• Ensure that everyone else knows what they’re responsible for, when it’s due, and that it gets done.
• Participate in the implementation of the company’s social media strategy with consistent execution and innovation.
• Be the go-to person for the implementation of our client’s social media strategies.
• Actively participate in the implementation of the business plan (bus driving) and volunteering wherever possible.

• Strong project management skills with experience in a professional services firm
• Social media and marketing communications acumen
• Technology: Web/Google Apps & Docs. WordPress and other open source CMS. Social media. Mac – MSOffice, Acrobat, Mobile.
• Presentation skills
• Writing ability
• Organization and attention to detail

$55,000 – $70,000

Click here to apply now.

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