Happy Jetting?!

by Rob Waldeck | April 26, 2010

I love JetBlue. The TVs and extra legroom work great for a guy with two little kids and a 6′ 4″ frame. If you follow the Holland-Mark blog you know we are big on brands that deliver at Every Point of Contact (EPOC). So often JetBlue really delivers. But today’s example showcases how hard it can be. Here’s an EPOC blunder by JetBlue.

As we prepared to jet off to Baltimore on our favorite airline, I checked in online. I had no trouble confirming our seat assignments and printing our boarding passes. But take a look at the attached screen shot.

Two concerns:

1)  The use of the word “ALERT.” Since 9/11, a travel “alert” is alarming, an emergency, potential danger . . . the fact that they’ve transitioned to a new reservation system is certainly not worthy of an alert – maybe a “please note” or “We’re pleased to announce.” Happy Jetting?

2)  The irony in pointing out that the new reservation system will result in longer than usual wait times and lines. The transition is complete, right? Shouldn’t we now be the beneficiaries of the transition? And what might those benefits be? Happy Jetting?

It’s easy to be a critic. And JetBlue does such a good job so often. Delivering on EPOC isn’t easy – a never-ending challenge for us all – but I couldn’t resist pointing this one out.

Happy Jetting!

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