H-M Summer Outing today. Hide the kids.

by Holland-Mark | July 25, 2011

So our Annual Summer Outing is today… If we’re less than responsive, please bear with us.

You may remember last year’s legendary debacle, the Party Bus to Truro. In the plus column were a first class lobster bake, all-day beach fun, and a great time at some bar in Orleans. On the downside… 37 or so hours of straight vodka en route, near mutiny over control of the iPod port, widespread public urination, an uncomfortable “chat” with local law enforcement, and several likely cases of Stage 4 alcohol poisoning.

But we learned from that, of course. This year we’re taking the Ferry, to Provincetown. Night and day from last year. What could go wrong?

Anyhoo… We get in to MacMillan Pier around 10, hang out and raid some dune buggy’s until lunch at The Lobster Pot on Commercial Street. From there it’s Herring Cove Beach, then an I Love the 90’s Tea Dance Party at Boatslip 161, and whomever survives that with faculties intact will dine at The Patio before returning to the city.

If you’re reading this you are welcome, please join us if wherever and whenever you’d care to.┬áJust bring your party socks.

Meantime you can follow our exploits on Twitter at #HMParty, and at our Flickr photostream.

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