Growing Your Business Through Social Media

by Holland-Mark | June 30, 2011

Spoke at WBZ Radio’s business breakfast, on “Growing Your Business Through Social Media.” It was fun to be up there with Twitterati media darlings including the eminently practical Paul Gillin, the eminently entertaining Laura Fitton, and the eminently orangeĀ Seth Priebatsch.

It was a 101-type session, reinforcing the fundamentals of social media for business:

  • It’s about building relationships,
  • It starts with the delivery of content worthy of your target’s attention,
  • It continues with an effort to help and connect people,
  • Doing so builds social equity,
  • That same social equity becomes an asset you can leverage in ways that deliver tangible business results.

Some entertaining tidbits and anecdotes were shared along the way, conducted beautifully by the masterful and golden voiced Anthony Silva.

Click below for video of the event, and please let me know what you think.

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