Growing Customer Relationships with Branded Content

by Holland-Mark | December 6, 2010

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You got your Twitter handle, and you finally figured out how to create a Facebook page. The blog is ready to go and… now what? Resisting the urge to use social media sites for self-promotional content is hard, but necessary. So how do you find that sweet spot between interesting and relevant content to your audience, that also makes them want to reach out?

Join Mike Tuesday at 8:00 am as he moderates a MITX panel on creating branded content and its value in building customer relationships. Mike will be joined by Carissa Caramanis O’Brien, President at Red Box Communications, Eric Oliver, Director of Digital Brand Communications at Converse, and Matt Drinkwater, Senior Director at Yahoo!. The panel will discuss questions like:

• How does “branded content” work?
• How does the approach compare to conventional forms?
• How does branded content work on portals and social media sites, where control of the context is not in the hands of your brand?

Learn more and sign up on the MITX event page here. What are your thoughts on what kind of content “clicks” for brands?

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