Good ideas are never half-baked

by Holland-Mark | August 26, 2014

Have you ever come across an idea so different and bizarre you feel compelled to be a part of it? That’s how many customers feel when they walk into a Johnny Cupcakes bakery for the first time. Most people walk through the door expecting the smell of freshly baked pastries. Most people expect to gaze upon artistically decorated cakes. Most people are unexpectedly surprised.

In its simplest terms, Johnny Cupcakes is a t-shirt shop. The concept behind this growing brand is also very simple: cupcakes. But what makes this company great is how far the idea has been pushed. When customers walk through the doors of the “bakery” they find themselves standing amidst retro-style bakery refrigerators with t-shirts displayed on cookie sheets. All the designs created by the brand have a cupcake incorporated into a pop culture reference. These satirical designs are bold and compelling, making for a very unique and unexpected experience, especially when paired with the atmosphere.

After purchasing a t-shirt, the clever product is wrapped in tissue paper then packaged in a pastry box with the Johnny Cupcakes logo on the side. Everything about this box looks like you’re picking up treats for a mid-morning meeting. The concept of this brand has been carried out across all avenues of its identity. The idea is disruptive and creates interest among potential customers. To be successful, every brand must own something that differentiates themselves from the rest of the world. But more importantly, they must take that something and run with it, trust it, or as our friend Johnny might say, let it bake all the way through.

WARNING: Cupcakes may shrink after washing.