Giving Thanks for Arnold Rosoff

by colbert | November 24, 2009

arnoldrosoffAs some of you know, I lost a loved one on Friday. His name was Arnold Rosoff and he truly was the most amazing man.

He led a long life (93 years) marked by incredible accomplishments as a soldier in WWII, as the founder of what became Arnold Advertising, as a visionary for seeing the need / responsibility for diversity in business, as a volunteer for countless non-profits, as a mentor to hundreds and maybe even thousands, and most importantly as the guiding light and patriarch of a wonderful family.

Throughout his journey, which had its share of ups and downs, Arnold was crystal clear about one thing: He always saw the glass as more than half full, believing that anything was possible and being ever thankful for all that he had.

On this the eve of the eve of Thanksgiving his eternal message seemed appropriate to share.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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