Follow your heart (and bring your brain)

by Holland-Mark | November 20, 2014

You know that feeling you get when you’re showing the client work you love? When you’re pumped, a little nervous and blazing with the confidence that comes with wearing your lucky striped socks? It’s pretty fantastic.

The only thing better is when the client loves it just as much.

Right now, we’re working on a microsite and admissions brochure for Colby-Sawyer College. And we were excited about this blog post from the school’s president, Tom Galligan, on the success of their new branding initiative and our creative work.

Colby-Sawyer’s mantra is now “Always Learning.” At Holland-Mark, ours is “Work that is love is not work.” It’s fun doing what you love. And when people recognize you for it, that’s just the bacon on the filet mignon.