Domino’s Post Update

by Holland-Mark | January 9, 2010

Lots of buzz around the agency about that Domino’s video, and yesterday I got this e-mail:

Mr. Troiano,

My name is Sean Carroll and I’m working with Domino’s on the release of their new recipe and the campaign surrounding the new and improved pizza.  It is an honor and pleasure to meet you, if only over email.

After reading your Domino’s post, I wanted to be sure you were at least offered a chance to sample the new pie.  As such, I would love to offer you a coupon code for a free large, 1-topping, Domino’s pizza.

This code is for use in online ordering only: XXX-XXXX (Subject to store participation and delivery areas. Continental US only. Expires 2/15/10. Valid for one use only.)

I completely understand if you do not wish and/or have any interest in sharing your experience with your readers, but thought it necessary that you at least get to taste a slice or two on us.  All the best for a wonderful new year and please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or requests.

Thank you sir,

-Sean Carroll”

Pretty damn impressive. I really think that’s what it takes to build a brand today.

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