Clovr Inks $8.3M Led by Bain Capital

by Holland-Mark | March 10, 2011

Clovr Inks $8.3M Led by Bain Capital:

Clovr Logo

This is an interesting local story.

Clovr is trying to close the gap between online promotion and real-world purchase behavior. They’ve built the first platform that converts banner, text, video, or mobile ads into Card Linked Offers (CLOs) – that deliver pinpoint targeting and accountability for online and mobile advertising. When clicked, CLOs link product savings directly to a consumer’s credit/debit card – with no point of sale integration, no mail-in rebates or paper coupons, and the savings appear directly on the consumer’s bank statement. Pretty neat.

Having essentially invented the CLO as a means of communicating its core value proposition to financial institution partners, brands and their agencies, it seems to us that Clovr needs to turn its attention to communicating its unique value proposition to consumers in a way that is true, relevant, motivating and distinct from competition.

That’s the essence of what we do. Hoping we can help.