BostInnovation Interviews Mike

by Holland-Mark | November 12, 2010

Austin Gardner-Smith recently came into the office to sit down with Mike and get the Holland-Mark perspective on the marketing and advertising landscape.  It was a great interview (see it in full here), and Mike was able to touch on some key points, including:

  • – The new value economy that’s here to stay
  • – The evolution of marketers from “decorators” to “architects”
  • – The thought behind our new Venture Branding arm
  • – Why Holland-Mark doesn’t strive to be one of the “big three”

It was a great overview of who we are here at HM, and a little insight on what we are trying to do.  We are all proud of what Mike, Chris, and Rob have built over the last few years.  But all in all, my favorite line is still:

“[Mike is] a big dude with a solid beard and a no-nonsense countenance that might engender sobriety from even the most bubbly personalities”

Hmm, maybe Austin hasn’t seen Mike at one of our Karaoke parties….

What do you guys think of the article?